How does wireless phone maintain network security?

Wireless phones need to increase awareness of network security. It is necessary to build a strong line of defense for network security, and always tighten the string of network security, so that the awareness of network security is internalized and externalized. The majority of netizens should actively participate in the activities of the National Cyber ​​Security Publicity Week, take the initiative to acquire relevant knowledge of laws and regulations and knowledge of network security, enhance the awareness of Internet access, civilized Internet access, and safe Internet access, and carefully conduct electronic transactions, online payment, and other economic interests. Prevent personal information disclosure and property damage.

To improve network security capabilities. The Internet is a "double-edged sword". It is necessary to have certain network security protection skills while enjoying the convenience of the Internet. See the traps, block the dark arrows, make up the loopholes, don't click on strange links, don't download unknown programs, don't forward harmful information, protect personal accounts and passwords, and change unhealthy online habits.
To cultivate cyber security habits. Even if there is password protection, personal privacy information will not be placed in the cyberspace, and information about yourself, relatives, and friends will not be disclosed on the Internet; when using the Internet in Internet cafes or public places, the password for logging in to the personal account will be deleted in time; The habit of killing viruses, often upgrade the security patches of the operating system, try to use complex passwords to log in to the system, prevent unnecessary security risks from the source and the process; regularly back up, use backup technology to improve the integrity of data recovery.


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