Overview of 4G phones

With the development of data communication and multimedia services, the fourth generation of mobile communication that meets the needs of mobile data, mobile computing and mobile multimedia operations is beginning to emerge, so it is reasonable to expect that this fourth-generation mobile communication technology will bring people a better life. future. On the other hand, because of its ultra-high data transmission speed, 4G has been hailed by the China Internet of Things School and Enterprise Alliance as a well-deserved "high-speed dialogue" between machines.


The so-called Wireless Phone communication technology refers to the fourth generation mobile communication information system. It is based on the continuous optimization, upgrade and innovation development based on 3G communication technology, and combines the advantages of 3G communication technology, and derives a series of inherent characteristics. Focus on WLAN technology. The innovation of 4G communication technology makes it have a greater competitive advantage than 3G communication technology. First of all, 4G communication can realize the original picture and the original video HD transmission on the picture and video transmission. The transmission quality is comparable to the computer picture quality. Secondly, using 4G communication technology, it is downloaded in software, files, pictures, audio and video. The speed can reach up to several tens of megabits per second, which is impossible for 3G communication technology, and this is also a significant advantage of 4G communication technology; this fast download mode can bring us a better communication experience and also facilitate us. In the daily learning, the download of learning materials; at the same time, in the context of high-speed and convenient network development, users also put forward higher requirements for traffic costs. From the current 4G network communication charges, the price is reasonable, and the major operators Different groups have also introduced corresponding traffic preferential policies to meet the needs of different consumer groups.http://www.ietross.com/


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