The new industry chain that breeds cat pool equipment continues to promote economic development.

Many people can feel that business has become more and more difficult in recent years.
However, the Internet has unlimited possibilities. There are blue seas everywhere. Especially after the emergence of the mobile Internet, everyone spends more time on the phone than on a series of offline activities such as eating, face-to-face, shopping and leisure.
SMS modem pool SMS gateway, for all Internet companies, the fate of their survival or profit is only one - traffic.
In other words, the number of users browsing, registering, and using, you can see the United States, Alibaba, Wecha, Didi, Weibo, Shock, today's headlines and other predators, no matter how much traffic.
Now, now in the second half of the mobile Internet, some vertical Internet companies want to go one level, or, as mentioned above, stand on the top of the mountain, sell products, introduce traffic budgets and even cost billions of dollars.
During the promotion period, the rewards for new users were particularly rich, resulting in a large number of people collecting wool, and even a gray industrial chain network full of interest disputes.

In this industry chain, we cannot fail to mention a group of people: card dealers.
Nowadays, the products provided by Internet companies generally need to be bound to the mobile phone number to be used, and the mobile phone number is the real name registration. How many mobile cards can people have? How much can you collect like wool?
But the card dealers are different. They have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mobile cards and use them to generate large amounts of gray revenue. The simplest thing is to collect wool.
For NIC companies, love and hate are reasonable and reasonable. On the one hand, Internet companies will cooperate with card companies in the early days to form a large number of registered users in order to achieve the illusion of "good experience" of real users.
On the other hand, if the total amount of rewards for new users on a platform is particularly large, the card dealer will also raid the platform with Mao. In the first two years, news about a platform that brought tens of millions of dollars in returns to new users overnight has emerged. The industry once laughed: just like locusts crossing the border, no grass.



As a source of most network ash production, card dealers generally have two types of mobile cards, virtual cards and real cards. As for the source of the card, in order to avoid teaching bad children, this article only gives a detailed introduction to the secret. How do credit card dealers make a profit? This is the cat's swimming pool.
The cat pool can be imagined as a device that can insert a large number of mobile cards. The sim card can be connected to the cat pool as long as it can receive text messages. A computer connected to several "cat pools" can form a verification code receiving platform.
Cat pool suppliers typically provide card dealers with a large number of cat pool equipment, such as a verification code. Wool parties use the cat pool for a large number of registrations.
Technology does not distinguish between good and evil. The production of cat pools is planned for banks, securities and other trading centers. However, for the gray production card dealers involved, it can only be said to be another kind of wisdom.
The card merchant prepares for the mobile card and the cat pool, and then contacts the access platform to enter the code platform. The access platform is a cloud service platform that can send and receive sms authentication code. There are currently x leases, x code and x platforms. God's X, love X, fan X, and so on. ..
Of course, many of them can only have limited registration. The user obtains the number provided by the card dealer on the platform and sends it to the user through the cat pool to form a complete chain.
In general, the SMS charge for this service is 0.1 yuan, and the voice charge is about 1 yuan. Due to its low cost, it has greatly facilitated the wool party and even telecom fraud industries.
Even for the simplest wool collection, the profit generated by each mobile card is about 30-50 yuan. Some of them occasionally encounter some high-profit projects. Some people will find the card dealer to call directly, and the verification code will be sent directly to the industry exchange group.
The verification code at this time is about 1-2 yuan, and up to 8-1000 cards can be recorded in a single day. You can imagine how much money this card dealer has made. As for the various large fish and shrimp in the chain, it is also profitable.
The booming Internet industry has taken away the glory of many traditional industries and has taken away more new companies, such as credit card dealers, who are profiting every day and on the edge of the law.
With the improvement of the regulatory system and the continuous advancement of technology, various gray industries will eventually disappear, and all gray crocodiles will eventually transform, wash away, and land, and the Internet industry will surely usher in a healthier development.
Telecommunications fraud has been repeatedly banned, causing great harm to society. The accomplice is a calling card. Because of this medium, the bad guys can contact the victim.
As such, the state has proposed the real-name system for telephone cards. This measure has a significant effect. It is difficult for the bad guys to buy cards at will. If they are used up, they will lose it and they will not be responsible. This will reduce the crime rate.
Many lawless elements always like to drill loopholes and obtain card sources through various channels for legal or illegal purposes.
With the improvement of the supervision system and the continuous improvement of technology, all kinds of gray industries will eventually disappear, and all gray predators will eventually transform, whitewash and land. The Internet industry will surely usher in a healthier development. It is used for legitimate purposes and usher in a bright future.


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