Wireless fixed telephone product features

According to the service characteristics of the operator's fixed telephone, the basic functions of the service are mainly divided into two parts: the incoming call function and the outgoing call function:
Incoming call function
Provide incoming call service function. When someone dials your eight-digit fixed number, you can answer each call through the wireless fixed-line terminal nearby. The caller information can be queried through the terminal button.
At the same time, you can also apply for two forwarding numbers at the time of business acceptance or through business change, and the terminal does not connect, the terminal does not answer or the terminal
In case of failure, you can freely answer the call through your mobile phone or your home fixed line. The specific description is as follows:
a, the number of forwarding numbers and the application process
Two local forwarding numbers are supported via a wireless landline. When the new user accounts are accepted, the customer can fill in two transfers according to their needs.
The number; or after the service is opened, the transfer number is changed by applying for a business change or by dialing 10010.
b. The transfer number only opens the local local call right.
The forwarding number is limited to local landline and mobile phones and cannot be transferred long distances.
c. Incoming call transfer ringing method
When the incoming call is transferred to the mobile phone, the user can select the line or shut down and automatically transfer the call to the next forwarding number;
The forwarding number, busy, no answer, routing fault, etc. are unconditionally transferred immediately. The enterprise user rings for 60 seconds, and the ringing mode only supports smoothing.

Outgoing function
The outgoing call function provides the user to pick up the phone, and the terminal automatically sends the access number to the service platform. The user makes a second call according to the voice prompt.
The fee is the same as the local city call charge. The long-distance tariff is based on the IP tariff standard, and the fee is uniformly counted on the 8-digit fixed telephone number.
a. Outgoing number permission control
When users open an account, they need to select the outgoing call permission of the outgoing number. The rights are divided into local calls, IP domestic long distance, IP international long distance, default
For local calls.
b. Outbound call shows the calling number function
The number displayed on the outside call is an 8-digit fixed telephone number.
Other supplementary business functions
The caller ID feature is only enabled by default.
Terminal function
The wireless fixed line needs to support the GSM/DCS standard and supports high-quality voice services (including FR, EFR, HR, AMR voice coding), providing short-term cancellation
Information reception, call inquiry, communication record, chord tone, caller ID and other functions.


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