5G will change the way of surfing the Internet, and later a small base station?

From June 26th to 28th, the 2019 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC) was held in Shanghai, and the exhibition was held simultaneously. The reporter found in the exhibition that there are more CPE products displayed. In addition, during the conference, operators have released 5G indoor base station product reference design. What is the trend? Every family has a small base station in the future?

From June 26th to 28th, the MWC conference was held in Shanghai. Zhongxin.com Wu Tao

5G indoor base station, CPE and other products are coming

During the World Mobile Communications Conference, the reporter noted that at the O-RAN Forum, China Mobile released the industry's first 4G/5G O-RAN dual-mode open-design cloud-based small station solution for commercial use, and disclosed hardware schematics and reference designs. .

China Telecom also announced the industry's first RF reference design for 3.5GHz 5G indoor small base stations at the O-RAN Forum.

At the exhibition, China Mobile also showed the CPE pioneer products. It is simple to understand that this product is mainly used to convert 5G mobile networks into WiFi signals. In addition, China Mobile also showed 5G BOX pioneers, which can convert 5G networks into LAN interfaces. The network is output externally.

"It can be said that the original is a wired network to WiFi, in the future, the mobile network can also be transferred to WiFi, and even the mobile network to the wired network, the user is more convenient to use." The indoor base station exhibitor staff told Zhongxin.com.


China Mobile's 5G CPE products. Zhongxin.com Wu Tao

Why do you want an indoor base station?

In the 5G era, why did you start pushing 5G indoor base stations?

Yi Zhiling, chief scientist of China Mobile Research Institute, said, "China Mobile is the first to carry out hardware reference design development work on the access network side in O-RAN, and realize the cost reduction of the whole industry chain by promoting the open reference design of telecom proprietary hardware equipment. ""

According to China Telecom, the reference design for 5G indoor small base station products is now released. First, it is leading the development and ecological construction of equipment; in addition, it can provide technical guarantee for future business development and network operation of operators and reduce operating costs.

Some indoor base station exhibitors told Zhongxin.com that the indoor base station can provide home network construction services. According to different housing areas, base stations with different power can be selected. The general base station signal can cover 100 square meters, and there will be no network dead angle. .

Will there be radiation problems when placing a base station at home? In response, the above staff said, “Reliably, the products will undergo rigorous testing to meet relevant requirements.”

5G BOX product display. Zhongxin.com Wu Tao

Are you still using cable broadband?

If you have CPE, you will also install a 5G indoor base station in your home. Is it necessary to use cable broadband again?

Independent telecom analyst Fu Liang said in an interview with Zhongxin.com that in fact, from the user's point of view, this does not matter, because one way for operators to operate cable broadband is to “run broadband to send mobile traffic”, “at the time users” Whether it is wired or mobile, the user chooses it."

This situation is indeed quite common. Ms. Zhang, who lives in Beijing, told the reporter of Zhongxin.com that her home is a China Unicom monthly package of 158 yuan, including broadband fees, and a telephone number, which is monthly. Give mobile internet traffic.

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