Big screen or small screen? 5G or 4G? How to refine product requirements in the future?

Mobile phones are indispensable items for modern humans, and their significance far exceeds the ordinary communication functions. One of the indispensable moves for our modern people to go out is to first touch their mobile phones. If we modern people want to go on a trip, we don’t have to rush to drive the horses and the dry food like the ancients. We have to make good schedules in advance, and we still have silver and silver tickets...

We modern people only need to bring two things: the same is the ID card, the same is the mobile phone. ID card is an indispensable identification for purchasing tickets, staying at hotels, entering scenic spots, etc. The function of the mobile phone far exceeds the function of the ID card. It is not only a communication tool to communicate with the outside world, but also a payment platform. It can purchase a product ticket to book a hotel, which can be used for daily office, entertainment, photo, video, Internet access. Watching the video... This feature is too much and too powerful, and Xiaobian will not go into details here. So today, Xiaobian wants to discuss with you, what is the future development trend of mobile phones?



1. Future mobile phones should thoroughly refine product requirements. With the aging of the generation after the 60s and 70s, with the growth of this band after the 00s and 10s, there will be a phenomenon in our time: the use of electronic products by older people and young people. The degree will vary greatly. In short, the old people's demand for electronic products or mobile phones is not so big. They don't rely on mobile phones and are not good at using mobile phones. Such elderly consumers only need a simple communication function for mobile phones, that is, Say you can call and send a text message.

The future of young people is just the opposite. Their demand for and dependence on mobile phones will be even more difficult to break. The future young people will also be the mainstream consumers of mobile phones. But in retrospect, people can't just produce mobile phones for young people, and they ignore the development of mobile phones for the elderly. These elderly people are not very skilled in using mobile phones, so they also provide new business opportunities for mobile phone manufacturers. Why can't we develop some special mobile phones for the elderly that are easy to operate and practical? For example, there is no need for a large screen, no camera, no high configuration, but a highly intelligent artificial intelligence system for the elderly. Therefore, in the future, mobile phones should be thoroughly refined in market products, and efforts should be made to coexist with each other in functional elderly machines and smart phones.

2. In the future, mobile phones will become bigger or smaller. Since 2019, many mobile phone manufacturers have begun to develop, develop, and even have begun to sell folding screen mobile phones, so the screen of the mobile phone must be bigger, the better? This little editor thinks that I have to wait and see, how many people will fold in the mobile phone, how much they feel, and they are willing to pay a high purchase cost for such a mobile phone. It is a problem that has to be tested in the market.

And should small screen phones be eliminated? Xiao Bian feels that this decision should not be made arbitrarily. For a while, people are loyal to the production of wristband-type mobile phones, so that when people use this micro-small mobile phone for communication, it will be very convenient and comfortable, and people can fully liberate their hands. It can also be said that the mobile phone is really small, and it is also very marketable.

3. Is the future mobile phone a 5G network? 5G network has become a hotspot of information communication. The biggest feature of 5G network is fast. Its network speed and download time are really as fast as flying. This kind of flying speed will bring unprecedented fun and pleasure to people. This is also the production of many mobile phones. Businesses want to seize the business opportunities, everyone has a brain avatar this technology hotspot, want to occupy a larger market share in the 5G era.

However, Xiao Bian believes that the future mobile phones are not all 5G mobile phones, because people's consumption power and consumption concept are still very different. It is estimated that although the mobile phone is good, he is definitely more expensive, 3G and 4G. Although the network is much slower than 5G, it can still be used normally. Therefore, under the premise of fully considering its practicability and economy, the 5G mobile phone is not necessarily the sole dominator of the future mobile phone. Xiao Bian believes that the hundred flowers are more contending for the future. The positioning of the mobile phone market.


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