Do you know the changes in the communication network for forty years?

4g gsm desk phone 2018 is the forty years of reform and opening up, and it is also the 40 years that China has changed. To say that the products of these four decades of great changes, the changes in communication tools are undoubtedly very representative.

The first three decades are the accumulation period of communication technology, and in the last decade, the tremendous changes brought about by the outbreak of technology have evolved into the convenience of all aspects of our life.

Today, let’s review the changes that communication has brought to our lives:

The age of letters

For the present 80s and 90s, the term "letter" only appears in textbooks. We have caught up with the changes of the times and enjoyed the convenience brought by modern communication. In the early years, letters were undoubtedly the most vital communication tools.

In fact, the letter can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States period, after a thousand years of evolution.

Until the founding of New China, the country began to improve the postal system, and letters became the main way of communication. A few cents of stamps, waiting for a few days, carrying the expectations of a family, the realization of emotional transmission.

The sentiments that the letters bring to the older generation are something that modern people cannot understand.

BP machine

As a young man of the new era, it seems that he has not heard of the BP machine. In the era when the family phone was not fully popular in the 1980s, a BP machine was a symbol of identity.

The BP machine is simply an information notification receiver. One party calls the paging station to tell the pager that the pager needs to find the BP number and his name and phone number, and then the paging message is sent to the person being sought. When the pager receives the message, it can be connected.

The era of communication brings about changes in communication methods

From 1G to 2G

In the real era of communication, we must start with "Big Brother." The first commercial "big brother" was a 3200 model produced by the then giant Motorola.

Big Brother relies on the 1G network, which is the communication network for analog signal transmission. The principle of 1G is also very simple, that is, the voice signal is directly converted to the electromagnetic wave, and then converted back when receiving. Because of the analog signal transmission, the biggest problem is that the call quality is not high. And the standards of different countries are different, which makes it impossible for international roaming calls in the 1G era.

Due to many shortcomings and expensive prices, 1G equipment such as Big Brother was quickly eliminated, and 2G equipment became popular.

2G communication is also known as GSM communication and CDMA communication, which converts analog signal communication into digital signal communication, which is the network used by our traditional function machine.

From today's point of view, the functional machine we used in the past is the representative of 2G equipment. Better call quality, more

The birth of the intelligent machine

When it comes to the 2G era, what has to be said is the first generation of iPhones brought by Jobs, which opened the era of touch-screen smartphones. On January 9, 2007, the first iPhone was born.

At that time, this is a product that does not support 3G, and does not want a physical keyboard like a function machine, and the price is as high as 500 US dollars, so many manufacturers are not optimistic.

In the same year, Google officially showed the operating system called Android and established a global alliance organization to jointly develop the open source code of the Android system. And mass production of the HTC G1 equipped with Android version 1.0 by HTC, the same, the outside world is not optimistic about the Android system, the industry is buzzing.

But the birth of smart phones is not only a change in communication methods, but smart machines have changed our way of life.

The emergence of E-mail

When the mobile communication method is not popular, relying on the development of the Internet, free e-mail E-mail is a relatively common communication method. In March 1998, the first full Chinese interface email system was officially launched and provided free services. In just one year, the number of users reached 400,000. Made Ding Lei and his Netease company today.

Since then, more and more people have entered the Internet, and free e-mail e-mail has been popular ever since.

From QQ to WeChat

For 80, 90 or even now 00, registering the QQ number is the first thing to enter the Internet. Without the QQ number, you can't call it a qualified netizen. It is also relying on the early QQ to lay the foundation for Ma Huateng's business empire.

However, soon, the WeChat launched by Tencent once again consolidated the commercial status of Ma Huateng, but WeChat has also become a source of threat to the development of QQ.

However, no matter how fierce QQ and WeChat fight, they are still Tencent's children, like the strangers, nails, etc., are the challengers of the WeChat throne. But in the end, all of them will return.

Great changes in communication networks

These convenient communication methods eventually move from the PC end to the mobile end, and the history of the change of communication tools is the change of the intelligent machine. The biggest change in all these changes is the change in the communication network.

The excitement provided by the intelligent machine is inseparable from the development of the communication network.

The early 2G did not satisfy these rich features to experience on the mobile phone, and 3G appeared with the smart phone. It can be said that 3G completes the smart machine, and the faster network speed gives the smart machine more possibilities. In the 4G era, the increased speed of the network allows the smartphone to achieve more functions. From online shopping to payment, to all aspects of life, in the 4G era, the changes that smart machines brought us were unimaginable in the past decade.

Looking to the future, 5G new changes

Although 4G has brought us all aspects of life, humans have never stopped exploring new technologies. The next change in communication tools may be caused by 5G. Faster network speeds and lower latency make data transfer possible to the cloud.

We can look forward to the next generation of communication tools, all the information is in the cloud, and now we think that the thin and light mobile phone, maybe five or ten years later, we will look like the big brother of the year, it is stupid and heavy .

Holographic calls, long-distance AR shopping, etc., only exist in the sci-fi scenes in the movie, and the future may gradually become a reality.


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