From 1G to 5G what have you experienced in the five revolutions in communications history?

Xiaobian today, when she was selling pancakes early, I inadvertently heard that Daxie was discussing with her son whether to change the phone now.

Daxie: "4g gsm desk phone You insist on changing for half a year. People 36Kr have said that the 5G mobile phone will be on next year."

Son: "5G is officially commercialized in 2020, and this year will be replaced by one and a half."

The dialogue between the mother and the child seems to be not surprising, but it does make me add eggs, add sausages, and add soy milk, just to listen to the whole paragraph.

Daxie: "Is 5G more than 1G more than 1G? In the past, 3G to 4G is the speed of the network, you have wifi in the store?"

Son: "Now the 4G network is not fast enough to play the game. I can't get out of the circle of friends when I go to the work. Sometimes the signal is full and I can't go online. I asked the 36Kr people, they all said that the 5G phone will solve it automatically. "


Listening to the full paragraph dialogue, Xiaobian found that everyone's misunderstanding about 5G is too deep. Do you really understand that 5G is awkward?

5G is the fifth-generation mobile communication network. Here, G is Generation, which means "generation". Before the emergence of 5G, mobile communication networks experienced changes in 4G/3G/2G/1G, and even half-generation upgrades such as 2.75G, 3.5G, and 4.5G appeared in the process of change. In the final analysis, in order to change the way information is transmitted, human beings will turn everything that has boundaries into wireless (limited) through invention and creation. In layman's terms, human beings have waged a long-term struggle with all physical information carriers in order to realize the beautiful vision of “striking” information. Through the innovation of the 5th generation communication technology, it has successfully transformed all the limited transmission channels such as paper and cable into invisible and intangible wireless signals. This not only shortens the width of the world, but also broadens the connection between man and the universe.

Since the development of these five generations of communication technology is so important to humans, let us briefly review the brief history of the development of mobile communication technology.


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