The basic characteristics and key technologies of 5G

From 1G to 4G, the core of mobile communication is human-to-human communication, and personal communication is the core business of mobile communication. But 5G communication is not just human communication, but Internet of Things, industrial automation, and driverlessness are introduced. Communication starts from the communication between people and then to the communication between people and things, until the communication between machines and machines.


The fifth generation of mobile communication technology (5G) is the highest peak of the development of mobile communication technology at present, and it is also the important force that human beings hope not only to change their lives but also to change society.

5G is based on 4G, and it puts forward higher requirements for mobile communication. It not only has a new upgrade in speed but also in power consumption and delay. As a result, the business will also be greatly improved, and the development of the Internet will also enter the era of intelligent Internet from the mobile Internet.


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