What are the advantages of 5G network as the latest mobile communication technology?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless mobile communication technology, which is 10 times faster than current 4G technology. However, there is no standardized 5G technology yet. Just as the 4G network is just emerging, the development of 5G networks is also underway. It is expected that by 2020, 5G networks will be fully popularized. As a Chinese mobile company, ZTE has launched its first 5G smartphone, which provides 1Gpbs network speed. Currently, there are four factors in determining a 5G network. The first is the millimeter wave. Based on the 4G network, it is equipped with a spectrum in the range of 2-6 GHz. More and more devices are being added to the spectrum. This is like a vehicle on a road, and more and more vehicles make the network The congestion is also increasing, eventually reducing the transmission speed. In order to increase the speed, the previous spectrum has to be expanded.

Millimeter waves with a frequency range of 30-300 GHz provide the space needed to spread the spectrum. Of course, even in millimeter waves, the transmission speed is very fast, but as the transmission distance becomes longer and farther, these millimeter waves cannot pass through. Buildings and walls, so in the process of propagation, a smaller transmission signal is required. At present, people use smaller wavelength millimeter waves in 5G propagation, so people use multiple smaller base stations instead of using a high-power large base station. This method reduces the possibility of attenuation through some physical components. It even eliminates the disadvantage that millimeter waves cannot transmit signals to longer distances. When we use this small wave, it is very easy to achieve frequency reusability.

In a 4G network, there are generally more than a dozen MIMO ports for transmitting signals, but with the popularity of 5G networks, this number will increase by a factor of four, so that the signal can travel faster in all directions. However, as the complexity of the network increases, technical improvements are also required in terms of transmission. In addition, beamforming is also an important technology that eliminates some of the signal interference during transmission on a 5G network, rather than having all ports transmit signals in all directions by sending a single port in a specified direction. Higher beam signals to reduce signal interference and even signal attenuation.

For the latest network technology such as 5G, it will also greatly improve people's daily life and working methods. Researchers predict that by 2020, the flow rate will be as much as 1000 times that of the current time. With the rise of the electronics industry, the Internet of Things and virtual reality have begun to enter people's daily lives. As a result, the number of connected Internet devices will increase, which will also lead to more and more traffic. In addition, low latency is also a major advantage of 5G networks. Network latency is basically the delay that occurs when data is transmitted over the network. This is the time it takes for the network to transmit packets from one destination to another. With driverless cars and autonomous vehicles moving forward, people need shorter delays in network transmission.

In addition, there are some requirements, the peak speed of Gbps and the application bandwidth requirements, etc., 5G network can effectively use the spectrum. In the mobile spectrum, the number of users is quite high. However, in other spectrums, there are very few users. This is the current status of wireless networks, so researchers are working on the development of unknown spectrum, and for different spectrums. They play different roles, such as mobile communications have its spectrum, television signals have their own spectrum, and radios have their own independent spectrum. At the beginning of the 5G network development, some people suggested that we can not allocate some idle spectrum to users of the crowded spectrum. Therefore, the awareness and better use of spectrum is the key to the success of 5G networks. Of course, with the continuous development of the network, people's exploration of the unknown has never stopped. I believe that in the future, people's lives will become more and more convenient with the changes of science and technology.http://www.ietross.com/


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